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Specialists In Lift, Escalator & Maintenance

We are dedicated to provide our service and expertise to apartment blocks, condominiums, office buildings, shop
lots as well as shopping complexes. Through our excellent service and continuous improvement,
we began to design, supply, install and maintain complete lifts and escalators and also provide
the necessary spare parts.

Business Activities

New Equipment Installation Maintenance Services Upgrading Modernization Refurbishment Independent Consultancy Services Spare Parts Supply
  1. Elevators: Traction/Hydraulic Observation/Panoramic/ Home Lifts/ Freight Lifts
  2. Dumbwaiters
  3. Escalator and Moving Walks
  1. Comprehensive Maintenance
  2. General Maintenance
Upgrade any brands with our:

  1. Latest state of art microprocessor controller
  2. Door Operator System
  3. Lift Finishes
  1. Assessment of Equipment Condition
  2. Quality Audit
  1.  Spare parts supply to local market.
  2. Spare parts supply to overseas market

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We provide compact, affordable, reliable and ingenious lift solution.


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